From The Future Past


British vocalist and producer Steve Spacek should need little introduction with an weighty body of work stretching from his output with his eponymous band, through to his collaborative Black Pocket project with dBridge, and his most recent work with Mark Pritchard as Africa Hitech. In keeping with his forward thinking and an unique approach to music making, his latest solo venture ‘Modern Streets’ as Beat Spacek, which has been called ‘as much a love letter to the future as it is an ode to the past’, is a rich tapestry of electronic music styles that takes in paranoid post-punk, angular new-wave pop, soulful new age dubstep and futuristic sub-heavy dancehall rhythms. Informed by a narrative backdrop from a time in the eighties when Spacek was growing up in the cultural and musical melting pot of New Cross in South East London, and created almost exclusively using new technologies such as the iPhone and iPad apps, the resulting album is a thirteen track collection described as ‘a journey through the evolution of modern Britain from a futurist perspective’.


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