Light Of The World


After releasing the acclaimed ‘My Elephant’ debut album via the LuckyMe label, Berlin-based producer Claude Speeed has relocated to Planet Mu for a couple of releases, the first of which has just been put out through the Brighton label. The five-track ‘Sun Czar Temple’ EP has been described as ‘an epic set of songs that distort emotional songwriting with textured synthetic ambience and computer noise’ and see’s him further draw on a mix of cinematic post-rock, drone, and retro electronica for a beguilingly heady mix of widescreen ambient noise. Beginning abruptly with ‘Traumzeuge’, which is informed by themes of culture shock and insomnia, and slowly evolves from dream-like distortion into gentle harmonics, the release takes in twinkling bleepy electronics, soaring sythns, pastoral deep interludes, dense pitch-shifted chords and distant analog vocals, before appropriately culminating with the EP’s most epic moment with the gentle cosmic fuzz and post rock crescendo of ‘RU Sorry?’.


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