The Wrecking Light


A couple of years ago the Houndstooth label launched with the Snow Ghosts album ‘A Small Murmation’ from Hannah Cartwright and producer Ross Tones aka Throwing Snow which combined heavy folk themes with murky experimental electronica, and was described by the duo as ‘a shared world that we have created to encompass the middle ground between our love of darkness and the emotions that music can make you feel’. The follow up long-player, succinctly titled ‘A Wrecking’, is due out on February 16th via the London label and the duo are now joined by multi-instrumentalist Oliver Knowles to pool each individual’s disparate influences, ideas and styles. Still heavily immersed in themes of British folklore, the album’s strong nautical motif is informed in part by one of the writing and recording locations in Dorset, and lyrically explores the meanings of the word ‘wreck’ – whether this be a ship, a person, a state of being or a relationship. Recorded using binaural techniques, the music this time around is more focused on melody and instrumentation rather than the pure rhythm of the debut release, having a more well rounded feel following the addition of Knowles.


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