A Lit And Darkened Path


In the four years since Guillermo S. Herren has released anything of note under his Prefuse73 moniker he’s been busy with the collaborative projects on Yellow Year Records, providing the renowned beat maker with a platform on which to experiment and broaden his musical palette with like-minded electronic musicians. After releasing the first three Prefuse73 albums in the space of four years, it would seem he’s making up time with the recent announcement that this year will see three releases on Temporary Residence in the form of two EP’s, titled ‘Forsyth Gardens’ and ‘Every Color of Darkness’ respectively, bookend a centrepiece full-length album ‘Rivington Não Rio’. First set to drop around the middle of April, the releases are billed as a return back to the broken hip hop and complex modern minimalism synonymous with the man who’s found new life in refining what he’s created under the moniker over the years, as he explains ‘I’ve come back to hyper focusing : immersing myself in the sounds, rhythms, and formations that created Prefuse 73 in the first place.’


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