Methods And Machinery

m6While it would appear that Old Apparatus member Asher Levitas has been the busiest with his Saa and Bad Penny partnerships, alongside vocalist Linn Carin Dirdal and audio/visual artist Michael Crowe respectively, it’s been some time since we heard anything from LTO who was responsible for the excellent ‘Realise’ EP when the collective released individual EP’s from each member through Sullen Tone. Almost a couple of years back he collaborated with mystical rapper Mowgli for the industrial strength ‘IOA’ EP as Khing Kang King which was described as exisiting ‘in a bewitching interzone between abstract sound poetry, dense wordplay and electronic hip-hop’. Most recently he can be heard remixing the title track ‘Walking Waters’ by Saa alongside DJ Hours, Soft As Snow and Love Cult for a free remix EP that was previously mentioned here, and the first taste of some forthcoming material has just emerged in the form of nicely titled ‘Rebelarse’ which sets a lonely accordian against treated field recordings taken during backpacking through South America. It’ll form part of the upcoming  ‘No Pasa Nada’ EP on Injazero Records, who call the four-track release ‘a heady cloud of greyscale sound design, ghostly timbres and deep sonics’.

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