Decode The Decipher


After an interesting twelve months of releases from the blurred edges of electronic music from artists such as Quiltland, Lord Skywave and Vaghe Stelle, London based Astro:Dynamics are due to begin a new year in fine style with a collaborative long player between Berlin-based BNJMN and Portland-based Best Available Technology. Both should need little introduction with releases on Rush Hour, Technicolour, Opal Tapes and Left_Blank respectively, and each have previously appeared on Astro:Dynamics with the Singing Statues project and the rough, archival ‘Excavated Tapes Vol.1’. The eleven track ‘De/Re-Constructions’ featuring heavy bleep, muddied textures, angular rhythms and sunken bass is set for a February 23rd release, and documents a musical dialogue between the artists, real names Ben Thomas and Kevin Palmer, over a period of years that eventually formed into what is described as ‘a body of work that eloquently moulds each artist’s sonic palettes and approaches’.



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