Interrupted Reconstruction

pi1 The music of anglo-french duo Tom Hodge and Franz Kirmann as Piano Interrupted is in a perpetually evolving state of continuous reinvention; studio compositions are deconstructed for live shows, becoming brand new pieces which then in turn provide a basis for future compositions. The dense arrangements of fragile piano, colourful cinematic soundscapes, organic rhythmic textures and rich, warm strings featured on the duo’s second album ‘The Unified Field’ is soon to be the subject of a remix release on Denovali Records after the duo invited a handful of other producers from the label’s roster to re-invent their work. Artists such as Hidden Orchestra, Floex, Origamibiro, John Lemke, Saffronkeira and Second Moon Of Winter have added fresh perspectives to material from last year’s long player with interpretations spanning dub, techno, abstract hip hop, ambient and post-classical, casting a new – and in some cases almost unrecognisable – light on Piano Interupted’s intricate compositions.



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