The Maze To Nowhere


Marcos Ortega, better known as Lorn, began putting out his free ‘The Maze To Nowhere’ series of EP’s in August last year through Bandcamp; the first of which saw him shift the gears of his trademark industrial aesthetics and beautiful melodies previously seen on the Ninja Tune released ‘Ask The Dust’ long player and ‘Debris’ EP respectively. Over the last two EP’s of dark and dusty, heavy-weight tones, the music has fallen nearer to the lo-fi analogue renderings of ‘Debris’ as opposed to the visceral murkiness and industrial soul of ‘Ask The Dust’, and this seem’s to remain the case with the four retro-leaning, science fiction referencing tracks that comprise the third installment of some darkly uplifting and utterly uncompromising music.


One comment

  1. John H O

    This is one of the only tracks with synth pads that I’ve enjoyed in recent times. I usually detest that kind of sound.. Bravo Lorn!

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