Light And Shade


Ross Tones is seemingly a very busy man indeed, and when he’s not putting out music under his best known Throwing Snow moniker, such as last years well received ‘Mosaic’ album on Houndstooth, he’s also part of experimental electro-folk trio Snow Ghosts and the Vellico partnership with his brother. He first premiered the Alight project just over a year ago with the ‘Iridis’ EP on Local Action which coloured pumping dance floor manifestations with broad, expansive strokes over four original tracks which moved from otherwordly beat excursions to warped house music, and from robust reverb-heavy techno to some dark jungle-leaning rhythms. The good news is there’s another outing under the moniker on the horizon, this time on Tones’ own Snowfall label, and things don’t look to have changed much judging from the recent brief clip of ‘Laudanum’ and this full stream of the murky drum ‘n’ bass mood of ‘Loci’. Check the Throwing Snow remix of ‘Adámas’ by LCC, which is forthcoming on Editions Mego, and is on an even darker junglist tip.


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