Conscious Connections

I01MAQ3430-TEMPOver the past few years Suren Senevirante aka My Panda Shall Fly has been gathering something of a reputation for some nicely idiosyncratic electronic music, with collaboration always featuring heavily within the London producers work; from the ‘Let’s Vibrate Together’ EP with Ben Jackson on Five Easy Pieces, through to last year’s ‘Tropical’ EP which was initially conceived and written with Electric Lady Studio’s producer Asier Leatxe Ibanez d’Opakoa, and was followed by the free-form compositions which comprised the ‘Push’ EP with Diskotopia producer Gareth Sprey aka Mau’lin on Project Mooncircle. He’s returned to the Berlin based label for an accomplished sounding debut album ‘Too’ which explores the subconscious meanings and abstract layers of dreaming, and adds a host of international vocalists to ‘explore their subconscious anxieties and fears together’ over fifteen tracks of fuzzy broken beats, deeply muddied downtempo, lo-fi garage and techno rhythms, and abstract electro-pop. Almost a year in the making, Senevirante handed over control of the songs to his collaborative partners which number renowned singers Deptford Goth, Rudi Zygadlo and Troels Abrahamsen alongside burgeoning artists such as Katherine Joyce, Karen Gwyer and HowAboutBeth for what will probably prove to be one of this years more interesting electronic music releases.

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