Downtown Turndown

ea6Under the shade of gentrification and growing corporate globalisation, the celebration of independent music retailing and culture which is Record Store Day is undeniably becoming more and more important. A prime example of this is happening over the hills in Sheffield; where a row of characterful buildings housing, among other things, the well established Rare & Racy music and book shop is being demolished in favour of shiny retail units, restaurants and apartments. In the build up to April 18th, there’s been a steady trickle of information regarding this years exclusive material and one-off releases from a wealth of artists across the musical spectrum, and Ninja Tune have firmly got in on the act with the heavyweight four-track twelve inch featuring four big reworkings of tracks from the ‘Vapor City’ series by Machinedrum. Side one see’s Exit Records boss dBridge deliver some tough tech-step breaks to ‘Rise N Fall’ alongside a ruff, rolling junglist remix of ‘Gunshotta’ from Om Unit. The flip has Moresounds taking ‘Don’t 1 2 Lose U’ into frenetic interstellar slow/fast territory, while Tri Angle experimentalist Fis gives ‘Eyes Don’t Lie’ an otherwordly, shapeshifting rub.


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