News From The North


The ‘News From Nowhere’ album from Darkstar on Warp Records painted an altogether different picture to it’s predecessor ‘North’, with it’s pastel shaded psychedelic digital pop contrasting sharply with the dark harmonic energy of the Hyperdub released debut. Now reverted to the original line-up of James Young and Aidan Whalley, the duo have put together the ‘Kirkless Arcadia‘ mixtape whilst working on their next album which is due out later this year; providing something of a prelude and snapshot into the forthcoming long player. The cover version of Paul McCartney’s ‘Temporary Secretary’ with Hayden Thorpe from Wild Beasts is included, alongside the ‘Quandry’ collaboration with Zomby, something with London vocalist Gwilym Gold and remixes of Warp electronic pioneer’s LFO. The mixtape is available for free download here.


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