Back To The Basics


The build up to the release of the third album by Jason Chung under his Nosaj Thing guise has been well documented elsewhere with the official release date of May 5th for ‘Fated’ drawing ever closer, as these things tend to. This time around the melodies are less intricate and the harmonies less complex, with each of the fifteen tracks providing a clipped snapshot into the Los Angeles producers unique musical universe. Although the sleek futurism and abstract downbeats of his acclaimed ‘Drift’ debut, and the quiet introspection and widescreen scope of the follow-up on Innovative Leisure have largely been cropped into a more stripped back more direct sound, this is still very much a Nosaj Thing record. Chung himself has said that making the deeply personal ‘Home’ took a lot out of him and that with ‘Fated’ he ‘just wanted to go back to simplifying’ continuing that ‘the soul of a song, the essence of a song—whatever you want to call it—should be simple’. Taking it’s name from a series of coincidences and ‘specific interactions with specific people in unexpected places’, only two collaborations feature time around with Chance The Rapper and Whoarei, on a collection of deep, sugary textures and hip hop informed beats that in less capable hands wouldn’t sound quite like it does.


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