Sequences And Spectrums


Back in early April, blog favourite Throwing Snow put out the first in a series of two-track releases through Houndstooth that he called at the time ‘built for the summer, yet seen through a wintry prism’. Intended to be more club focussed than the material on the acclaimed ‘Mosaic’ album, the first ‘Lumen/Paint By Numbers’ featured lush tones and melancholic melodies over steadily unfurling beats, which were followed by the more intricate rhythms and pensive atmosphere of ‘Glower/Clasp’ that saw the light of day in the height of summer. The trilogy is now seemingly complete with the release of ‘Xema/Seren’, with the soaring synths and complex inflections from the former sitting cosily alongside some detuned tones and broken beats more associated with a typical Throwing Snow production. Go here for the visual accompaniment for album track ‘Linguis’ courtesy of Los Angeles-based filmmaker Arman Cole if you missed it.


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