Waves On My Mind


The King Midas Sound project which comprises Kevin Martin aka The Bug alongside vocalists Kiki Hitomi and Roger Robinson debuted back in 2009 with the acclaimed ‘Waiting For You Album’ on Hyperdub, and a move to Ninja Tune a couple of years back which was signalled by the single ‘Aroo/Funny Love’ saw the trio shift direction from the heavyweight, heady twenty-first century lovers rock of the debut, into an area ‘where drone melancholy and fuzz blisteringly collide’ that was described as ‘My Bloody Valentine in Dub’. In the intervening period each member has been busy with their own individual ventures, but they’ve come together again for a series of collaborative projects, the first of which ‘Edition 1’ is out in September. Featuring Austrian guitarist and electronic musician Fennesz, the nine track collection, which has been likened to ‘a fog reaching out into nothing, and encapsulating everything’, utilises improvised guitar tracks, samples, and unreleased material from Fennesz’s archive, and will be followed by three further editions featuring as-yet-unknown collaborators each with individual conceptual themes.


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