New Artificial Horizons


The follow-up to the beatless ‘Loyal’ debut album by Heathered Pearls is still heavily intertwined with visual imagery and ambient textures, but has changed direction to reference a time in the Brooklyn-based producer Jakub Alexander’s earlier life when he’d travel back from parties in Detroit with friends and ‘usually listen to something deep and easy on the ears…this was a perfect time to let your mind wander’. At that time he discovered artists such as Terrence Dixon and Lawrence; ‘who can find this elegance in techno beyond the dark warehouse’, and who’s heavily repetitive, melodic and deep electronic music has shaped his move into the new beat-centric sound. With titles such as ‘Sunken Living Area’, ‘Holographic Lodge’ and ‘Thought Palace’, the imagery conjured up in the new ten-track release is described by Alexander as ‘a stunningly bleak, uncharted landscape of man-made cement and artificial foliage’ as opposed to the ‘indirect, huge, heavy, slow ocean waves off in the distance at night’. Body Complex is out via Ghostly on August 7th.


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