Further Along The Line


Early last year London vocalist Segilola teamed up with Leeds producer Bambooman aka Kirk Barley for the enchanting ‘Somewhere Along The Line’ EP on Canadian independent King Deluxe, something which was quickly followed by Bambooman’s own ‘Dulcet’ EP on Sonic Router. Taking in beat-heavy hip hop through to more upfront garage-leaning rhythms, Barley’s own record was, according to the man himself, ‘made almost entirely out of found sounds and field recordings that I’ve made and processed; sounds I’ve synthesized myself or recordings that were made and donated by friends’, and these techniques were certainly present on the first collaborative EP between the duo. The good news is they’ve teamed up again for another outing ‘Halt’ which is due next month, this time on Health, which features five new original tracks that again perfectly pitch Bambooman’s trademark production against Segilola’s beguilingly rich vocals and intelligent lyricism, for a richly organic sounding, soulful and diverse collection of tempos and moods brimming full of ideas.


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