Colours And Tones


Manchester producer Patrick Holt’s particular brand of Drum & Bass and Dubstep as biome stretches back almost eight years with a debut release on the now defunct Subsonik Records, and since then his single and EP work has been put out on labels such as Black Box, Osiris, Mindset and Tempa. Following the ‘Serenity’ EP on Deep Heads back in early spring, a self-released debut album titled ‘sombre’ has recently emerged on bandcamp, and as you might expect from someone of such pedigree, it’s proving to be a finely executed nocturnal suite which probably falls under the Drum & Bass category. Within the twelve tracks that take in airy hyper-rhythms through to subterranean heavyweight rollers there’s a big accent on atmosphere, and there’s also enough invention in the production to hold your attention throughout, something which can’t necessarily levelled at other long players from this genre. Keep a look out for the ‘Griddled’ EP forthcoming on Kaizen.


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